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Timber frame loom and the Old Goat Weaver - photo by Star Gazette Sept.8,2002 The Old Goat at the Benjamin Patterson Inn Old Goat Spinning - Great Wheel
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Textile Tools in Home Use - Antique and Modern

At Walking Wheel Farm there is a collection of antique and contemporary spinning wheels, looms and other home textile production tools. The antique tools we use in living history events and at museum demonstrations. At other times we generally use our contemporary equipment. If you have any questions or comments about home textile production equipment or this web site please contact us. We will answer what we know and try to give referrals on what we do not.

Here we present to you our hobbies for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Contact us-- The Old Goat (Clint Fudge) at Walking Wheel Farm in Erin, N.Y.

The Old Goat is the web master.

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