Moments in Time

Life's moments I'd like to share

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"I have always noticed, and it is a fact, that often when we have something valuable in our possession and handle it freely, we do not esteem or appreciate it in all its worth, as we would if we could realize how much we would miss it if we were to loose it. Thus we gradually belittle its value, but once we have lost it and we miss its benefits we feel it in our heart and are forever moody, thinking of ways and means to retrieve it."

Quote taken from Castaneda's History of the Expedition, October, 1596 (Coronado Expedition)

Coronado National Memorial looking south into Mexico

French and Indian War Re-enactment at Old Fort Niagara
O F N Sunsets
Spinning wool on a great wheel at Old Fort Niagara

Newtown Battlefield - Rev War Event

Whispering Pines Rendezvous

The Old Goat in disguise on the Susquehanna river

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